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Monte Cougar Wallet Guide

Sleek and Functional

Monte Cougar Wallets have an innovative laid out design that stores your cards in flat, compact stacks to create a clean flat surface. Fully closed, this wallet won't bulge or reveal any unsightly bumps. It stays completely flat so you can easily tuck it into your purse or your pocket and go.

The fabric model is made of nylon micro fiber, a super thin and durable fabric that is also water-resistant. The leather-hybrid model has an exterior cover made of extremely durable top-grain cowhide leather an interior pocket made of nylon micro fiber to ensure a slim shape.

Special Features

There are eight wide credit card pockets and two ID pockets included in this product. The card pockets are larger than your average credit card pocket because we want you to be able to fit as many cards as you need in this wallet. You can carry up to 60 plastic cards in the Monte Cougar.

Two long pockets are included in this wallet. One of these pockets has a cloth divider to facilitate sorting bills and money from receipts and any loose paper. The other pocket is ideal for storing a personal checkbook, but it can also be used to store bills. Like all of our wallets, the Monte Cougar is lined with our special no-slip grip coating.

On the outside panel we added an extra zipper pocket for holding coins and any other small items, like a spare key. The pocket is gusseted too, so you can easily slip your hands in to grab what you need.

Care Instructions

The fabric version of the Monte Cougar can be machine-washed. Lay it out to air dry.

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