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Bifold Wallet with L-Fold Flap Guide

Take one of our wallets and fill it as many cards as you carry with you on the day-to-day. For the average person this is around 16 plastic cards. Now, take an empty generic leather wallet and compare to our wallet. Even with 16 plastic cards inside, our wallet is still thinner than an empty generic wallet.

How do we achieve this super thin profile? We craft our wallets from ultra-thin nylon micro fiber. This fabric is incredibly durable and offers water-resistance, but mostly importantly, it helps us keep Big Skinny wallets as thin as humanly possible.

Thanks to the L-folding flap, this wallet has eight extra-wide pockets that are each able to hold around three to four cards. The extra flap also enables us to include an additional ID pocket, which means this wallet has two extra-wide ID pockets with clear plastic windows that are great for storing work IDs or even photos.

We've included a billfolds area for storing receipts, cash and any other paper items. This long pocket is also fitted with a key holding plastic divider for sorting your bills. Like all of the pockets in this wallet, the billfolds pocket is coated with a rubbery lining that helps prevent your items from slipping out.

The wallets that are made entirely of nylon micro fiber can be machine-washed to clean. All of our wallets feature seams that are glued and sewn inwards to prevent the fraying and tearing that usually occurs with generic wallets after extended use.

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