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World's Thinnest Wallets: How thin can your Big Skinny wallet get?
Answer: 50% to 75% depending on our wallet model.

how thin?
There are only 2 Ways to "Thin your Wallet"--- 1)change to thinner wallet materials and/or 2)split your stuff in half or in even smaller parts. Big Skinny wallets are made of an ultra-thin nylon microfiber material 10 times thinner & lighter than leather. That means every time you put cards & cash in your wallet, you are separating layers of our ultra-thin nylon rather than thick leather. Two of our designs, the Super Skinny and the Hipster, split your stuff in half--while the Executive, Moto, Monte Cougar, Slimvelope wallet models split it into quarters. Most Big Skinny wallet designs fit 20-40 credit cards in the extra-wide card pockets plus cash/receipts in the full-size billfold areas so you never give up functionality rather our wallets helps solve the top 5 wallet problems.

Our Unisex Vegan thin wallets are crafted from a water-resistant nylon micro-fiber with a special non-slip backing. Since our special nylon micro-fiber is 10 times thinner than leather but just as durable you'll end up with a wallet that is 50-75% thinner depending on the wallet model. Get our thin nylon micro-fiber wallets wet and they dry out in about 1 hour from a full wallet soak or accidental machine wash. Since most Big Skinny wallets weigh less than an ounce, our thin wallets are also super light for maximum comfort so you mostly feel just the weight of your cards and cash. See the left image for multiple wallet comparisons to see what you save in thickness, size, & weight just by virtue of material. See our Super Skinny wallet model to see how thin your wallet can become by virtue of Design + Material.

NOW in LEATHER. If you absolutely have to have quality thin leather wallets, we now offer an especially thin Hybrid wallet series that features the Best of Both Worlds: super-thin top-grain leather on the outside and ultra-thin nylon microfiber on the inside. (we do not use the cheapo genuine leather but only the best top-grain leather). Warning: Almost as thin as our completely nylon-microfiber series but thinner than any other leather wallet in the world! A Big Skinny wallet is all you ever wanted in a wallet and less. All you could ever fit in a thin wallet while ending up with less.

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