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How? Design + Thin, Strong, Good-looking Materials (nylon and leather)

The Skinny on Our Wallets

* Made from a durable, water-resistant nylon micro-fiber 10 times thinner and lighter than leather yet just as durable. So when you starting adding your stuff, our skinny layers of nylon are being separated rather than thick layers of leather or cordura. 50+% thinner than putting the same stuff in your regular wallet.

* "Thinner at the start" means "thinner at the end." Because Big Skinny wallets are so much thinner to start that even when you add all your stuff, your Big Skinny wallet will be much thinner--about 50-75% depending on which of our models you choose. Even our leather hybrid series because our skinny nylon is still doing all the work on the inside of the wallet.

* Thinner due to unique designs such as our Super Skinny or hipster or executive wallets which have a divide and conquer design strategy much like cutting a deck of cards. Or our very unique leather nylon wallet hybrid series.

* Sturdy double-edged perimeter stitching guarantees durability and long life. Tough enough to machine wash regularly. 4-5 years of life for the nylon series and 5+ years for our leather hybrid wallet series.

* Unique non-slip backing added to the reverse of the material makes it harder to lose your cards and cash. Solving a major modern problem.

* Extra-wide pockets each fit 3-5 plastic cards & are roomier for your fingers while non-slip backing adds safety. No other wallet company does this.

* Wallet Guarantee & Warranty: Tough enough to machine wash. And a 1-year year warranty on materials and workmanship. How many other wallet companies are willing to warranty their wallets or endorse machine washing them?

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