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Wallet FAQs
Everything you wanted to know about Big Skinny Wallets and so much more...:

Q: Are they durable?
A: Yes, they last as long as regular leather wallets. We run into many of our first customers from 2005 that are still using them everyday even with the original material—we’ve since improved the material twice. Our wallets feature double-edged stitching which means the material is folded in, glued and then stitched. This makes them sturdy enough to machine wash-we’ve had customers launder them regularly as well. We offer a 1-year materials and workmanship warranty whether you buy it on the website or at a retail outlet—just mail it back for a replacement. What other wallet company gives a wallet warranty?

Q: How much thinner and lighter than leather are they?
A: About 10 times thinner and lighter depending on the design and type of leather. Most Big Skinny wallets weigh 1 ounce or less versus 3-6 ounces for most leather wallets. That makes Big Skinnies more comfortable to carry in a pocket or a bag because leather is so much heavier. In fact Big Skinny wallet material is as thin as a regular business card--.21 mm! When you start skinny, you stay skinny which is why all your stuff in a comprable Big Skinny wallet will result in at least a 50% to 75% difference than your regular stuff wallet.

Q: Do all the Big Skinny designs fit in pockets?
A: Most of the designs will fit easily in a front or back pants or even shirt pockets. Even the Super Skinny will fit in men’s pockets although it might be slightly too tall for women’s pockets.

Q: Are Big Skinnies for men or women?
A: They were originally designed for men but women are also using them. Since everyone hates thick wallets, they are unisex. Now we have several distinct Women’s and Men’s designs but because they are so unisex in general, customers have been using Big Skinnies from both categories depending on their taste and needs.

Q: Will my credit cards be safe?
A: Yes. As long as the magnetic strips do not touch then they won’t demagnetize. Stacking credit cards or other cards doesn’t demagnetize them unless the cards are reversed and the magnetic strips are touching. A few top executives from the credit card companies told us that’s how they create their credit cards but everyone’s experience is different so we’d love to hear your experiences so we can learn and share this information with everyone.

Q: What are Big Skinnies made of?
A: A new super-thin nylon micro-fiber material that is lined on the reverse with a light rubberized coating to make it harder to lose your cards and cash. But don't worry, materials are synthetic so no rubber allergies have ever occurred. Most leather wallets have lining which eventually makes cards and cash slip out as the leather wallet stretches over time. Our nylon weave is 230 dernier which makes it pretty durable and tear resistant—you’d have to cut it with scissors or a knife to get through it. And our nylon-microfiber wallets are 100% Vegan.

Q: What if a nylon Big Skinny gets wet?
A: The material is water-resistant so it will just dry out in about ½ to 1 hour from an accidental laundering or a jump in the swimming pool.

Q: Does the nylon material sweat?
A: No, unlike animal products such as leather, the Big Skinny is made from a petroleum-based material that doesn’t sweat. As a matter of fact, the rubbery lining keeps sweat from getting to your goodies. That also works with your leather hybrid Big Skinny because the interior also has the same lining.

Q: What if I get it dirty—how do I clean it?
A: Most customers just brush off any dirt or do a soapy hand-wash to clean their Big Skinny. Some just launder their nylon Big Skinnies—but we don’t recommend putting it in a dryer!

Q: How many plastic cards do Big Skinnies hold? Can they hold as much as leather wallets?
A: Often Big Skinnies hold even more than leather wallets because Big Skinny pockets are designed extra-wide. Each pocket can hold 5 plastic cards-trhy that with any ordinary leather wallet and see how quickly the seams tear. General speaking and depending on what else you have in your wallet-- this is how much some of our models usually hold:
- Sports Model: Holds about 20-25 credit cards plus cash
- Multi-pocket, World Wallet,L-Shaped Trifolds
- Trifolds: Hold about 20-30 credit cards plus cash
- Super Skinny: Holds about 20-40 credit cards plus cash.
- Passport Case: can also hold about 15-20 credit cards in the credit card slots
- Card Cases & Holders can hold 16-30 plastic cards which is about 25-40 cardstock business cards.

Q: Will the Big Skinny material stretch out?
A: It will stretch out a little over time but not to the degree that leather stretches out because leather is an animal-product while the Big Skinny is not. We’ve had customers give them a wash and dry which tightens them a bit.

Q: Is the Big Skinny completely vegan?
A: Yes, there are no animal products in the Big Skinny nylon micro-fiber series. The founder of Big Skinny is a vegan and recommends Dr. Gersons books and Dr. T. Colin Campbells books on the health benefits of eating plants rather than animals.

Q: What about change?
A: Many of our models feature easy to access zippered compartments for change. For those models without zippered compartments, people often keep change in some of the pockets or billfold area---the rubbery grip helps keep a small amount of coins anchored nicely.

Q: What about passports—can they fit?
A: Only the super skinny model can fit a passport in the billfold area. Our new passport holder and travel wallets hold up to 4 U.S. passports plus about 20 credit cards. Or 2 of the new style thicker USA passports as well as Canadian passports. Check the detailed measurements of all our models and compare to your country’s currency and passport measurements.

Q: What about business cards? Can they fit?
A: Since Big Skinny pockets are created extra-wide, most regular business cards will fit easily into the pockets. Assume each plastic card is equal to 2 business cards.

Q: How do I organize the Sports series? They don’t have many pockets and I have so many cards?
A: That series features 2 extra-wide pockets in the front for frequently-used cards. Since most of us only use 4-6 cards regularly, each pocket can fit up to 6 or 8 plastic cards. There is 1 or 2 extra-wide storage pocket for the cards that we have to carry but rarely use. So we eliminated a lot of extra-layers but still kept the functionality based on how and how many cards we use regularly.

Q: How often do you have new styles coming out?
A: It's our mission to listen to find out what styles suit you, so at least quarterly we aim for new designs and colors.

Q: How do I organize the Super Skinny or the Hipster, they look so unconventional?
A: Again, since most of use only 4-6 cards regularly, just put those regular cards either 1st or 2nd or last in the 4 main Big Skinny pockets so you know where they are and they are easy to pull out. Since the Super Skinny and Hipster breaks up the plastic cards into 2 stacks, like the way you cut a deck of playing cards in half, you end up with a thin wallet not only because of the super-thin material but also due to this unconventional design.

Q: I have pictures in a clear plastic insert; can I still use that with your wallets?
A: Yes, just like in leather wallets, it works the same. Each of those booklets has a plastic tongue that fits into a pocket—sometimes this tongue is vertical, sometimes horizontal. Now we sell the inserts too. Just match it up with one of our wallets with multiple pockets and drop the tongue into the corresponding pocket and it works the same way as in leather wallets. Of course, we recommend you put those pictures in a cell-phone so your wallet can be thinner and plus you can carry even more pictures electronically.

Q: My spouse just gifted me a very expensive wallet, but I want a thin wallet like the Big Skinny.
A: We understand; that’s why people not only use the Big Skinny as a full-time wallet but also as an excellent going-out-on-the-town or weekend wallet. It is great for sports and travel as well as scores of other part-time uses.

Q: I’m looking for a gift but not sure which Big Skinny to buy?
A: Think about how many cards do they carry and do you think they like to break them down into many pockets or not? If they have a few cards, then the classic series is a good bet. If they have a medium amount of plastic cards but like to break them up into categories then the multi-pocket or the world wallet is good especially if they travel outside the country because the world wallet fits all international bills. If they have a lot of plastic cards and you’d like to see them slim down, then the super skinny or hipster will do the best job. Black is always a safe color and goes along with everything else. Gifting a Big Skinny in a greeting card also results in a big wow from the recipient when they discover a wallet thin enough to fit into a greeting card! That's why we came up with our own specialized greeting card for just this purpose.

Q: Where else can I find Big Skinny wallets besides online? I want to touch and feel them to decide.
A: We have a 30-day return as new policy so that eliminates a lot of the risk and allows you to try them out. Or check our website for the nearest specialty retail store or the nearest Fair or Festival that one of our trained vendor will have a Big Skinny pop-up shop.

Q: How thin is this new Big Skinny leather hybrid series?
A: Not as thin as our regular nylon-microfiber series but much thinner than a regular leather wallet. You’ll still see a 50-100% difference in size AND weight which makes the biggest difference in wallet comfort.

Q: Why is your leather hybrid series more expensive than your nylon wallets?
A: We only use high-quality expensive top-grain leather (not cheap genuine leather) which is the only quality level of leather that can be sliced thin enough to make a thin wallet difference. Plus, this series features rounded corners and double-edged stitching for durability but which is also very labor intensive. It’s just a higher-quality wallet all around which is why we are confident enough to offer a wallet warranty.

Green Q: Are nylon micro-fiber Big Skinny wallets recyclable?
A: yes, our nylon micro-fiber models are theoretically recyclable since they are petroleum-based products and some recycling places will take them - check with the recycling plant first. Our wallet website is also green as we pay a monthly fee to trade for the requisite carbon credits that reflects our web energy usage. (Disclosure, our founder has worked and dined with Al Gore and respects, honors, and tries to keep everything as green as possible.)

Q: Is it true that people who work at Big Skinny are the happiest employees in the northeast?
A: Yes, the rumor is true. Must be the proximity to Dunkin Donuts and the ever-streaming of music like "Forever Young", Henry Mancini, and Joao Gilberto coming from the computers all day long.

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