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Swiss Checkbook Cover
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World's Thinnest checkbook cover and checkbook holder. Tired of those nasty plastic checkbook covers given by banks and others? So is everyone else. Why do reputable banks tarnish their images by giving you those cheapo plastic checkbook covers that crack and fall apart at the first hint of cool temperatures or even within a month of use? Before that happens and you get a plastic checkbook papercut, upgrade to our sleek Swiss Checkbook cover. Made from our proprietary sleek, durable, water-resistant, ultra-thin nylon micro-fiber, you can be sure this won't fall into plastic pieces in your bag, pocket, or even in your washing machine--that's how tough our checkbook covers are. There's space for your checkbook and another pocket for the balance book or two plane tickets to Switzerland to check on your secret account. Just like the Swiss banking system, our check book covers are neat, well-designed, and discreet. And they are covered by our unique Big Skinny warranty. A checkbook cover that has a warranty, imagine that-- that's how much faith we have in our products.

Dimensions: 6⅜" wide x 3" tall (16 cm x 8.4 cm)
Swiss Checkbook Cover
4.5 Stars based on 31 Review(s)
5 Stars

Love my red checkbook cover
January 31, 2015
Now I can easily find my checkbook in my bag.

5 Stars

Check book cover
December 26, 2014
This is my 3rd Big Skinny item. I love them all. They really are skinny, even full. They are durable, attractive and practical.

3 Stars

Bit to small
November 29, 2014
Love the weight. But it is a bit two small to hold the check register and the checks. Hard to fold and make it work. Add a bit to the width and it will be a five star... Thanks!

Margaret Wahlen
5 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
September 27, 2014
I love this checkbook cover! I use it all the time. I just wish that there was a clear ID window and a few credit card slots on the inside of the cover. I could use it exclusively and not have to carry the cards in another wallet.

Jeff McGovern
5 Stars

Check book cover
August 1, 2014
Just as advertised. Light, thin and very practical. It's very much like the covers the banks gives away with a checking account. Same design but that is where it ends. Much better material, far stronger, much better construction. However it's lighter and thinner. Holds just what a want, the checks, record book and a sheet of stamps. I'm as pleased with this purchase as with my wallet last year.

Maria Hanssel
3 Stars

size issue
July 22, 2014
I have the same size issue so many others seem to have. I have standard checks with a standard size check register. The pockets in the checkbook cover are just a tiny bit too shallow to slide my register into. The length is perfect and the width would be perfect if I only carried the checks, but once I get the register in there it won't close flat. With a little bit of careful folding along the bottom edge of my check register I can make it work, except then the register sticks out of the opening of the cover a little bit. It's beautiful, strong and skinny (yay!) but the size issue is so disappointing. I'm crushed, actually, as this little cover fits into my Big Skinny clutch just beautifully (which is why I bought it).

Elizabeth Whitmire
5 Stars

Great checkbook cover!
June 6, 2014
Item just as described; love the color - matches my Big Skinny wallet perfectly; great product!

4 Stars

Pen holder?
June 4, 2014
This is my third Big Skinny product. I really like all of them. This checkbook cover is very nice. I agree with others that it exactly fits normal checks with no extra room. I would love to have a place to clip my pen on so I don't have to chase it all over my purse.

virginia Brown
5 Stars

January 26, 2014
I returned this item because it would not hold both my checkbook and the register.

3 Stars

Swiss Checkbook cover
January 13, 2014
disappointed to see that there were no plastic "guard" insert to use underneath the check your writing on so you don'write through the other carbonless checks

Lylah Saunier
5 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
December 30, 2013
Another great product! I like the thinnest of the checkbook cover and it matches the wallet I purchased earlier this year - great products!

A. Ellis
3 Stars

July 2, 2013
Nice thin cover, but will NOT close with standard bank-issue check book and register. These were not oversized or oddly shaped checks.

Sherri V.
5 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
May 14, 2013
Absolutely love my checkbook covers! I bought (2). One to replace the cheap plastic cover from the bank & the other to replace a thicker leather cover. Would recommend everyone to try them out!

4 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
April 23, 2013
The front cover had a pucker in the material on the right side of the front-- it would have driven me absolutely nuts every time I saw it-- SO, I turned it around and now the lovely smooth bottom is the top (and I don't have to look at the logo, either.) I understand why you put the logo on your products, but I don't really like it. The Electric Purple is a gorgeous color--sometimes I leave the checkbook out on the counter just so I can see it when I walk by!!

5 Stars

Checkbook Cover
April 5, 2013
I like the cover a lot. I wish there was a way to put a pen in the middle. But that's okay I just put one in my purse. It's great for a small purse that I just bought.

3 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
January 29, 2013
Very lightweight, but it is too small to close correctly over the checks. As stated in other reviews, the plastic partition would be a great add to the cover.

5 Stars

check cover
January 28, 2013
Very nice. Good look and feel. And of course thin. It is very slightly too small for my checks but not a problem. At first I was disappointed that it didn't have the plastic flap but it's easy to cut and keep a thin piece of cardboard in the checkbook and I like that better than the flap. Also looks long-lasting.

5 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
December 28, 2012
light, compact and durable, love it

3 Stars

checkbook cover
August 19, 2012
This cover worked for my checks; however, since the reason you need a checkbook cover is so that you can carry the checks in your purse, it would be an improvement if there would be a flap with magnetic closure (like for the wallets) to ensure that the checkbook remained closed when other items are shoved into the purse.

5 Stars

July 5, 2012

3 Stars

Just a 1/4'' off
June 13, 2012
I bought two of these for my checkbooks, they are well consructed and super thin, but as others have observed, too short to completely close over my duplicate checkbook, forget adding in a register.

Geoff Bartol
4 Stars

Checkbook Cover
May 22, 2012
I would agree with the majority in that the checkbook cover is just a smidge too small not providing enough space between the checks and the register to lay flat when closed. It works but could be even better with a little more material.

Joyce Pendleton
5 Stars

Swiss check book cover
May 9, 2012
I can't say enough good about the Big Skinny products! This check book cover is flat out wonderful! I'm a big fan of Big Skinny. :)

James Bittel
4 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
March 21, 2012
As usual, as advertised! Great products and good workmanship.

John Miller
5 Stars

swiss checkbook cover
June 27, 2011
Very very thin. good quality. works and gets the job done.

5 Stars

Checkbook Cover
April 3, 2011
I love all their products, until this one, just not big enough for checkbook and register. Need to try a little bigger.

Carol Horton
5 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
December 29, 2010
My checkbook cover was plastic, ripped and torn -essentially useless. I love the new checkbook cover. It's as thin as the wallets. Seems to be durable.

Marcy K.
4 Stars

Swiss Checkbook Cover
October 18, 2010
Like another reviewer, I also had a problem when it came to closing the cover shut comfortably. There needs to be a little more room or material in the "middle" of the register, between where you put the register and the actual checks. It is usable, but does not close flat for me. I checked and I have the standard size checks and register, but it just doesn't close flat. With a little more material it would do so. Other than that, I have to say that I have purchased many Big Skinny items and have enjoyed each and every one. So glad I found this website! Thank you!

5 Stars

Checkbook Cover
September 4, 2010
Excellent cover for my checkbook and register. Could use a bit more room between the top and bottom to make the register fit better when closed.

5 Stars

Checkbook Cover is Just What I need
September 1, 2010
I loe this checkbook cover. It's thin enough that I can stick it in my uniform pants pocket, yet touch enough not to cave. I'm not surprised, given that I have a Big Skinny wallet that fits tons of stuff, stays reasonably small, and takes a beating without so much as a whimper.

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